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29 marzo, 2017
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15 febrero, 2018
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Safire Device Monitor

ARC Tools

● Easy to use and intuitive user interface
● Multi-vendor support
● Supports a wide range of devices, from IP cameras to DVRs and NVRs
● Supports P2P-enabled devices
● Real time device status and event monitoring
● ARC software alerts
● Integration with Safire Web Control Panel

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Safire Device Monitor is a Windows software for advanced supervision that allows to monitoring devices connected to ARCs/ RVRCs.
The software allows to add DVRs, NVRs and cameras of several manufacturers: Safire, Hikvision, Dahua and XSecurity.
Safire Device Monitor send different events like masking, disconnection, alarm, etc.
It is compatible with all popular ARC/ RVRC management platforms and 3rd party manufactures CCTV equipment such as Manitou, SoftGuard, SBN or Avante.
Safire Web Control Panel can be integrated.