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5Mpx Cameras and HD DVR’s

Upgrade to the maximum resolution

Cameras: Improved Image

  • Loads more pixels: The new 5Mpx HDTVI Safire cameras offer the highest resolution ever available for your coax installations.
  • Greater field of view: The aspect ratio translates to a larger vertical field of view for displaying areas of a scene which other formats cannot capture.
  • Increased image quality: Careful selection of image sensors and DSP's guarantee a high performance result throughout the entire range of cameras which make them truly a step above the rest in image quality.

DVR's More Power

  • Resolution 5Mpx
  • Universal 5-in-1 (5N1)
  • Format H.265+
  • Smart detection

High resolution recording for the new 5Mpx HDTVI cameras together with versatile 5-in-1 (5N1) technology for full compatibility with all video formats. An all in one range of recorders.

Its powerful hardware makes light work of the most advanced intelligent video analysis algorithms and the latest H.265+ compression format, which offers savings of up to 50% in storage space and greater fluidity when remotely accessing the DVR.